Middle of the night awakening

For the past three weeks or so I have been having these strange experiences at night and can’t wrap my brain around why it’s been happening.

What’s trying to get my attention ?

Dark night of the Soul : My latest insight

After experiencing a dark night of the soul, I have gained a powerful insight.

I am not lost, I am not a failure, I am not unworthy.

I am on my own path, and I am on my way.

What is the Law of Attraction ?

As I was sitting here thinking about how to start this article, I got this tingling sensation in my stomach. At first I didn’t really notice it nor did I give it to much attention but after a while it kind of started to distract me and so I decided to investigate. I left my computer sat…

What are Synchronicities ?

A few years ago, my younger brother was battling cancer. I remember how difficult those years were for him, for my family and especially for my mother, who was the rock we all relied on. One day, at the darkest of times, when she was so devoured by fear, anger and mostly sadness, she was…

Do we have a soul ?

As a kid, I remember believing that everybody was born with what I then called a guardian angel. I firmly believed that there was this thing that was constantly with us, watching over us and providing guidance to those who listened. This belief was not something I had been taught nor that I had heard about. For…

Find your own truth

When I was in law school, teachers used to employ the Socratic method a lot. Typically, the professor would ask questions and call on students to answer it. Or when a sudent asked a questions, rather than answering it (that would be too easy hu?) the professor would return the question to the class.  What…